Friday, August 2, 2013

My new best friend who's from Kyrgyzstan

*Blanked out the product so that I dont give away to much info to early :)* It all began when she asked me what I have using for my skin... I told her my 'secret', I shared with her the link (already shared in one of my earlier posts in this blog), she wanted to try it, I gave some to her to try, she liked it, she bought for her aunty, her aunty likes it, they spread the word when ppl asks them, and that's how it works. And all this within 4.5 weeks. Simple? Yes, when the science is there to support it, when you yourself is a 'proven concept', it gets simpler and simpler.

The day she changed my life...

It was the day my sister introduced me to the Galvanic Spa. I loved what the spa did to my face. I loved the fact that the gels are affordable and that it takes merely few minutes (less than 10) to spa your whole face. Thank you dearest sister. It's never too late for one to start taking care of your appearance. Healthy skin = confidence! :)