Thursday, December 26, 2013

Getting Married?

This morning's article in the papers which I could personally relate to is worth sharing here....
Debt starting a Marriage

When I wanted to start a new chapter in 2005, I too, was in the same boat. There were things that needed to be purchase ie items for the dulangs, the wedding dresses, the ring, the make up artist, the food, the tent, the wedding planner, the flowers etc..

I graduated in 2001. I was basically still paying off my university fees up to 2003. I started up a small savings fund afterwards which only helped a little with the wedding. I had to use my Amex and credit cards to buy the wedding stuff.

So, this was 8 years ago... I am quite sure that all costs have doubled since(!).

What would one need to do to successfully not start a marriage with debts? 2 full time jobs? Open up a burger stall? Sell things online?

Its all about business, isnt it? Venturing into something that would make you live your life comfortably. One that would make you have the financial support you need and to fall back on. Perhaps even make you one of the yearly millionaires?

Yes, seriously. I have been following the Glam-preneurs. They have proven that Malaysian Women do have what it takes to earn an average of 30K monthly (on the side(!))

I have been reading on Ramit Sethi, how HE made it big with just a small investment in money, but big investment in blogging/time.

Yes, it can be done. I am glad I did it. I wished I did it MUCH earlier, but thankfully, nothing is too late...

Contact us. Leave us your email add and I will get in touch with you.

You can have your glamorous wedding without having to take a loan!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Market Share prices

Before you invest in a company, you would want to know how the company is doing, the background of the company, whether the company will be making YOU money or not or whether you will be able to sustain yourself in that company.

When you have your facts, you study, you decide. And once you're sure and decided, you watch it grow and you do the things you've always wanted to do ie shopping, invest more, go on holiday and SHARE it with your friends...

There are people who chose not to share. Perhaps because they are afraid others will do the same and be wealthier, more successful, more entrepreneur than them. Is that really wise? Or perhaps they are afraid that it might put them in a position where people "run" away from them.

But, seriously, if you have your facts right, if the numbers are proven and you yourself have seen the monthly payment to your bank account, WHY would you bother about those people who judge way before they understand the business? right?

From 52 week low of USD $32.28 to 52 week high of USD$138.81...
*52 week low/high prices that a stock has traded at during the previous year. Traders and investors view the 52 week high/low as an important factor in determining a stocks current value predicting future price movement.

Now how much money do you think one can make if the share price was from $32 (USD) increased to $138 (USD) in one year?

So before you decide if "MLM" is a business you DONT want to venture in, read up, get your facts right, learn about the "before" and "now" of a company.

You will then have the last laugh. :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Get Rid of you Wrinkles cheap....

I saw this advert on the internet today. RM300 for anti-wrinkle Injection and treatment for ONE area.

Perhaps to some, RM300 is not expensive. But for people like me, who is a full time working mom who is also looking for other options for side income, RM300 is quite a bit for an injection and one area treatment.

Yes, being flawless is a "must" now-a-days. Yes, having the smoothm fair and healthy skin is what most people (not women, but people) desire for in this era.

And yes, I would prefer NOT to inject it into my body. If there was a safer, less painful and more cost effective way, wouldnt you want to know it?

Infact, each spa treatment, which you can do anywhere (!), at home, in the office (for those who comes and goes when the lights are out) or at the gym. All it takes is 10 minutes.
And cost per session? About RM15 for the gels. The device you can use forever (provided you dont let your dog chew on it or your toddler tosses it in the fish tank).

The BEST thing about it, is that the device can be used not only on your face. It can be used at tummy for post pregnancy (or other reasons that caused your tummy to bloat), arms, thighs etc...

Call us to find out more or to make an appoinment to see your wrinkles dissapear!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1 out of 25 Unusual Ways To Make Quick Money by daily Finance

Was browsing the net for my research on what people are looking for prior to starting their own business.
And this interesting article is not to be missed.
Start Your Own Part-Time Business From Home
Married couple, Jacob and Susan D'Aniello, began their own pooper scooper business. Their small start from working out of their home turned into a multi-million dollar franchise called 'doody calls'  In the beginning, it was just them, a bag, a little shovel... They started the business when they were dating and basically fell in love over canine feces, and while the business became complicated, in the beginning, it only involved a little time, some exercise and then collecting the fee a short time later.

If you're skilled with computers, you could set out a shingle and become a part-time computer repair-person. If you know how to cook, you could start to run a catering business out of your home (but check with your state; preparing food for the public out of your own kitchen can sometimes run afoul of the law).

If you want to get some quick cash, certainly there are limitations to what sort of business you can begin. If you need a lot of inventory, you're going to have to spend money to make your money. But if you're going to do something that takes your skill, talent or knowledge, you can bring in cash quite quickly. No matter what, though, provided you enjoy what you're doing, if you do start a busienss,whether you're successful or not, it's always rewarding.

So if you think you have what it takes to build a business, contact us.

If  you are a go getter,  you are hungry for winning and you want to help people while doing the business, contact us.


Is there a quick and easy way to make money?

Most people now dream of having the lifestyle of a rich and some famous. Most people would also want to get it done quick and easy. Is there really a quick and easy way? In my opinion, if it's quick, it is NEVER easy. If it is easy, it does take a tad longer.

In this business, you can make quick money, but you need to work at it. Nothing comes from the sky. The harder you work, the quicker it is. For example, my dear friend, Dolly, she made "her big bucks" in 4 months.

As for me, I am in a bit more pain. I am a full time working mother, who only has time in between my lunches and dinner. Yes, I have my weekends. But on saying that, it is "easier" for me, mostly thanks to Dolly and the team. But yes, it will take me much longer to make my "big bucks". I'm not saying I dont make any, I have recovered what ever I invested in one month.

It really depends how much you want to make and how quick you want it, using that 'formula', it will determine how much effort you need to put in.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Motivational quotes

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

~ Jim Rohn

Another one that is a good one for me

"By Selling, you make a living. By building, you make a fortune"


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Global Entrepreneurship with Innovative Science

We are looking for key people to spearhead the SEA market. Are you business minded and is good at getting projects off the ground?

Contact us and we will see if we can work something out for you.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Business Trip

Are you one that likes travelling? I used to travel quite a bit for work. But since I moved to a different dept last year, I have not travelled overseas for quite a while. My last trip was Jan 2012.

I'm itching to travel again. But with my current job, the only travelling I do is Klang Valley.

Did I mention that Dolly is currently in USA on business trip? It is for THIS business. She is there to attend the million dollar circle convention.

                                                            The view from her room.....
Part of the team from Malaysia office
With this business, there are plenty of oppurtunity to travel. You decide how far you would want to go.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Collaboration with DNABYDynas....

She's hot! She's a celebrity! She was the answer to my "pregnancy clothing problems"

Best of all, she's the bestest sister in the world :) (ok, she's my only biological sister)

So you've given birth. And you're breastfeeding comfortably in her designs...

Now you want to loose your pregnancy weight..

And you want to look younger....

Typical women behaviour after given birth :)

So, you want to know how to

Contact us at:
012 5129211
if you're dynas's friend, tell her you want to be contacted! And we will contact you!



Monday, October 21, 2013

Turkey 2014

Want to win a trip to Turkey? Find out how....Contact us via the email/number in this blog...

Free Facial Spa

We are giving away FREE spa for 20 of our readers. Please contact us via email or sms (the number in this blog) to redeem your free spa.

What are you waiting for???

Dont you want to look years younger in just minutes for FREE?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Looking for Business Partners

With the current situation with debt ceiling crisis & economy state in most countries, foreign investment is reducing, MNC are downsizing, office environment are not at a positive level and if you are in an MNC, you may have noticed that it is a "dog eat dog world" at the moment. The ex-pats are probably finding scape goats to save their jobs, the locals are back stabbing each other to save their jobs. Its like history of 1996 & 2001 all over again.

Recently, 3 of the people I liase with at work (my customers) was laid off. A few months back, my uncle was laid off. And earlier this year, my best friend and cousin was laid off. (Not the same companies here). We are talking about 5 different companies.

Have you thought of a back up plan?

Lets not talk about being laid off. Even with 2 incomes, is it really enough to support the cost of living which is going up exponentially lately?
Can you say that you have a comfortable amount of money, from your fix income, after deducting 1/3 towards savings, 1/3 towards emergency funds? Yes, savings, and emergency funds are two different things here.
An ideal situation is for a person to have 6 months of his/her salary untouched in emergency funds, and definitely untouched savings/retirement money.

So, on saying that, who am I being lead by?

2 of them are ex bankers, 1 is a manageging director of an International Advertising Firm, 1 is a leading hair colorist (who also happened to be the top 3 in the WORLD) and 1 is a financial analysist from Australia.

When you have a good leader, and you yourself crave for sucess, the hill is not so hard to climb.

Open your eyes, see the bigger picture. Live your life. Be prepared.

Want more, read what Forbes think...

Forbes Write Up

Forbes Thought Of The Day

Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.”
— Samuel Palmer

You can contact any of us for more information on how to start your emergency funds.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weight loss in 1 week

It's only been a week after I started this fat loss weight mgmt program & I've lost 2kgs, 5cm off my waist, 3cm off the arms, 2cm off the hips & trim off almost all parts of my body except for the calf!! Don't really care abt the calf right now to be honest!! Hahaha!! Wonder whether I'd lose more when I start exercising. Jom, let's do this together peeps!! Can't wait what happens when I finish the program — feelingexcited.
Unlike ·  · 

It could be YOU!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Change Life

I am a big Fan of MixFM and I like to see the newsfeed from them on my FB.  And today's one is quite important for me to share with you all as this was my exact thoughts last few months when I decided to "change my life"

For years I have come across this thought, but I do nothing. I go on with my routine. Until last year when I had chest pains and the same year I receive 3 death news (1 is a good friend's cousin who is the same age, 2 are work mates who were not much older). That was when I decided to do my first "change in life", which is quit smoking, exercise regularly and do a complete health check.

And the second "change in life" was when I positioned myself under Dolly's wings after being motivated by my close friends  who were under a famous entraprenuer (which I found on Instagram). How they positioned themselves in towards Financial Freedom....

Who doesnt want to move towards Financial Freedom? Who doesnt want to be Debt-less? Even my breakfast conversation this morning with a friend was about how she is planning to be financially free....
We can tell you how... :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Free Biophotonic Scan

How (un)healthy are you? Do you want to know what is you  overall antioxidant health status? We are giving away a


What does the scanner do?

By placing your palm on the Scanner's safe, low-energy blue light laser, and you will obtain an immediate reading of the carotenoid antioxidant levels in your skin-your Skin Carotenoid Score.

Why should you do it?
By measuring the stable level of carotenoid antioxidants in your skin and generating your Skin Carotenoid Score, the Scanner provides a more accurate and reliable biomarker of your overall antioxidant health status than other methods of measuring antioxidants. Getting your Skin Carotenoid Score makes you aware of the antioxidant levels in your body-and gives you the push you need to improve your overall antioxidant health.

Additional info:
The scanner uses method called Raman scattering, a well established technique for analytical chemistry. Scanner readings have been matched to skin antioxident levels which were correlated with internal antioxident levels. All of this has been established in peer reviewed literature, including Nature which is the world's premier scientific journal.

Here's a to journal articles examining this methodology

Contact me for a free scan today!

Loose weight = Build Business

Want to loose weight? And Build a Business at the same time??
Saw this photo on Facebook. It was the topic of the day in a Radio Morning program earlier this week. Apparently, the couple lost weight by just eating healthy. Not sure if there were any exercise involved, but there was no knife/doctors involved. It was purely by eating healthy food, and they did it in 19 months. (about 390 days). Do you want to loose weight? Do you have 90 days? We can show you how.... As long as you are , and , we can show you how... Plus, you can make money out of it too!!! Yes, we are selective, but one thing for sure is, if you have determination and is SURE of what you want, you can easily fit into the criteria of what we are looking for!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013


What do I desire most?? There's a few things infact. As always, when one is asked about what one desires most is normally the standard answer..."money" or "health" or "happiness" But think about it...What is it that you really want.... Last year, what I desired most was to loose weight. I've always one that wants to be skinny. I've always been one that is paranoid about "muffin top" thanks to Victoria Bekham's comments on Muffin tops. Initially, I kept telling myself. I was skinny before, I can always go back to that size, if I wanted to. And then, I tried. I tried sooooo hard. I went on diets after diets. But I love food too much then I "reward" myself for a sucessful non eating week. I did yoga. I even managed the head stand. I'm quite sure I managed to Learn to relax and “let go” in each yoga session, which was specially tailored to release stress and improve digestion. And After I rid body of the troublesome hormones, I replenished the system with a mouth-watering vegetarian meal. But, I didnt drop those inches. I gave up. And just decided to accept that I will not be able to get those statistics I was due to pregnancy fat and body "changes" after delivering a baby. It was until I met up with Dolly in Sept last year that I thought it is POSSIBLE. She managed to do it, so I thought I should too. The first month of my regime, I lost inches. But I had to still control my food and ofcourse with regular exercise, I could still eat the cakes. But now, after a year, I am able to eat anything I want, I can skip the exercise if I dont have enough time. But I know, my body has reset itself to the level I want it to be. Yes, Im not skinny anymore, but I am happy with the way I look now. Below is my "before" and "after" photo...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Lifestyle change...

This article came out in yesterday's paper, and while our government is saying that middle income lives in Big bungalow and owns a mercedes, this article is saying there is an increase in statistics of people who will take a loan from non official channels. This is not surprising though, the cost of living in our country is no longer as what it was before. The standards of living has increased, prices have gone up, people are wanting to live the luxury lifestyle. I am not assuming that the people who drives a mercedes and owns a big bungalow are not the ones borrowing money, but I am quite sure (being a middle income person myself) are always trying to make ends meet. We have house bills, car loans, grocceries, kids, maids, starbucks :), it is easy to max out the credit card. What would one do to cover the credit card? Take a personal loan to pay off the card. And then? use the credit card, which means one then has to pay the credit card and the personal loan. So, what are our options then? Get a job with bigger salary? Get a part time job as a coffee barrista or a data entry admin person? Do not renew maid's contract? For one, you can definitely stop buying starbucks coffee. I mean, thats what they ALL say in websites that teaches you how to "save" and not spend unnecessarily. I was one that swears by that. Until I realised my debts were still not paid. My full time job has already taken up 8-10 hrs of my day, which means getting a part time job was out of the question. I didnt think I would get out of the rut until a few months ago. I didnt realise how I have changed my life when I went under Dolly's wings. Dolly is an ex banker. She was groomed by Michelle, who was a managing director of an international advertising firm. We also have a top 3 (in the world) hair colorist in the team! Most of the people in the team are ex accountant/finance group. I have faith being 'led' by them, especially one is my best friend of 20 years. :) Make your change today!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

6 figures...?!!

I subscribe to Linked In email news and was sent an interesting one today,"5 Ways to launch a sucessful online Business". And then from there, I found a more interesting one... 6 figure business built for less than USD100

Have a read through, and then tell me you dont want to try and make that extra income yourself. :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

When I was growing up, people use to say that my sister has the good genes and I have...well, the not so good one. Yes, my relatives can be super direct at times. My sister, Dynas Mokhtar, have always been the pretty one, but I realised later in life NOT because she has the better genes, but its because she have always took good care of herself. Since younger, she washes her face before bedtime (which I only started when I was in University), she loves knowing the techniques of wearing make up (which I only started learning last year(!)), she liked experimenting facial places (with mom) and I used to kick a fuss about having to follow them and have ALWAYS tried to find excuses of why I won't follow them. So onviously, the hormone changes from 12 to 17 was uncontrollable, was ignored and was covered up. I had breakouts on my forehead and a blackhead party was going on for years on my nose. It was when Dynas said, Kak Yang, why dont you just try this? It is not difficult. The spa takes less than 5 minutes. How does it work? The galvanic Spa needs 2 polarised face gels. 1- Pre-Treat Facial Gel (-ve charge) and 2- Treatment Facial Gel (+ve charge) with ageLOC. With the pre treat gel (-ve charge), both the Pre-Treat Gel and the Galvanic Instrument are negatively charged(this is done with settings on galvanic spa) . Negative charges repel each other, the negative charge of the Galvanic Instrument repels or pushes the Pre-Treat Gel onto the skin. This Gel contains ingredients that soothe, calm, and purify the skin. The purifying ingredients bind with impurities in the skin causing them to have a negative charge. Then, moving on to the 2nd gel ie the treatment gel (+ve charge), both the Treatment Gel and the Galvanic Instrument are positively charged(this is done with settings on galvanic spa). These positive charges repel each other, helping deliver the Treatment Gel onto the skin. The Treatment Gel contains ingredients, including the proprietary ageLOC blend, that help to slow free radical production in the epidermis, help skin recover from stress, and promote cellular energy. The positively charged Galvanic Instrument also attracts the remaining negatively charged impurities from the Pre-Treat cycle, drawing them out of the skin to give you a fresher, more vibrant look. The charges interact in a similar way with the active ingredients in all Galvanic Spa compatible products. The mist/face spray (picture above) is not only used during this spa process, but I actually use it for my 'now' (daily) regime as a toner. The first thing I put on my face after cleansing (Ageloc cleanser was my regime for 2 months). After my face have "reset", I can already go back to other facial cleansers. Thats the beauty of Ageloc. It resets to your 'before' aging stage. Stay tuned for the next update.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cleansing Lotion and NaPcA Moisturizer

My sister, Dynas Mokhtar introduced me to these products. When she passed me the 'small gift' (it came in a not so small box (16" X 11"). In it, there were a set of skin care products (cleansing lotion, toner, moisturizer, true line corrector (for wrinkles) and a spa set with 2 boxes of face gel) (in earlier post) I find that the moisturizer is very good for morning use, but not enough for evening (after full on make up) to wash off the makeup gracefully. (But I found another cleanser for this which I will post later). The toner does not have the 'after smell' which I really love. It doesnt leave my face tingling (which is probably better for my skin. Not sure if the tingling sensation is good or bad, but I dont normally like it). And the moisturizer, I totally love it. It leaves my skin "bouncy". (not sure if you can imagine what I'm trying to say) but basically, after about 2 weeks of using it, when I pinch my cheeks and let it go, it 'bounces' and not just 'drop'. There are more product reviews to come from not just me, but the team... Tune in.... And, thank you dearest sister, Dynas. i thank her almost daily for making me find the right products which works for me and I'm 'getting paid' by using it and talking about it. :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

My new best friend who's from Kyrgyzstan

*Blanked out the product so that I dont give away to much info to early :)* It all began when she asked me what I have using for my skin... I told her my 'secret', I shared with her the link (already shared in one of my earlier posts in this blog), she wanted to try it, I gave some to her to try, she liked it, she bought for her aunty, her aunty likes it, they spread the word when ppl asks them, and that's how it works. And all this within 4.5 weeks. Simple? Yes, when the science is there to support it, when you yourself is a 'proven concept', it gets simpler and simpler.

The day she changed my life...

It was the day my sister introduced me to the Galvanic Spa. I loved what the spa did to my face. I loved the fact that the gels are affordable and that it takes merely few minutes (less than 10) to spa your whole face. Thank you dearest sister. It's never too late for one to start taking care of your appearance. Healthy skin = confidence! :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back to teenage Menses

Before you proceed to read this, let me first warn you that this might be a bit too disgusting (for those who do not like to talk, think, go through) menses. During the School and college/university days, my mensus were always very painful, heavy, irritating and I dread to get it. I used to call it the same term everyone calls it (in school it was grandma's in town) and in University it was (the Red's are playing at home).For the whole 8 days(!), I would not be myself, and I sleep with double layer protection (ie, I will wear my bikini shorts over my knickers) and then my pyjamas and I will have to put a layer of protection on the bed (as the bedsheets have turn red a couple of times). I guess I have always had a lot of blood. Even after I gave birth, the my menses cycle started almost immediately (after the 2 months confinement), even though I was fully breastfeeding until my baby was 10 months old). Info on period during breastfeeding As I 'aged' (ie if I remember correctly, since I touched 26), my menses were not as painful or as heavy. The headaches were a lot worse though. But I didnt complain, as the number of days I would be having it were down to 5 days and I did not have to wear my bikini shorts to sleep. As I am writing this, it is actually my first cycle since I took the vitamins. And it's good and bad. The good thing is, the anti aging theory is proven for me. I got my menses full on heavy, complete with the cramps and the bedsheet did turn red for 2 nights. I have forgotten how irritating it was, but I remember how happy I was to actually have it 'out'. Since I am writing this only on the 3rd day, it's not safe (yet) for me to say that it's exactly like how it was before i "aged". But...we shall see... I now have a new term for it..I will be calling it 'Teenage menses' if I have it for 8 days (like before).

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The scientist...

It's all about the science,it always is with me... Sometimes my sister thinks I'm such a boring person to talk to. More like a confused child. :) Anyway, as mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I did my research before going into this... And I like what I read... Today, it's about him. Article below was gotten from one of the websites which shared about him when he wrote "The aging myth", a NY best seller. Joseph Chang, Ph.D., has published numerous peer-reviewed articles, reviews and books on pharmacological and nutritional research during his 18 years in the healthcare industry. He co-edited a textbook on inflammation and developed a series of monographs on botanical products to serve as a source of information for consumers and health professionals. From 1981 to 2006, Dr. Chang s dynamic career path included working for major pharmaceutical companies conducting groundbreaking research and developing therapeutic drugs for several life threatening diseases. During this time, he became convinced that focusing on nutrition and optimal supplementation could benefit the lives of more people. Dr. Chang attended Portsmouth University in England, and earned his doctorate in pharmacology at the University of London. He completed his post-doctoral fellowship at The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Stamina Story

I was an active person growing up. Even after I got married, I was still doing adults ballet and jazz. But, I was never, I repeat, Never, a gym person or one that would make sure to get enough exercise weekly for the benefit of ones heart. I just went for the dance classes to dance and would jump for any challenge given by the office for fun.
Anyhow, 4 years ago, after I delivered my baby, I was trying from Atkins diet to starving myself. Nothing really worked. I was told that our body simply changes. From a small framed person, I am suddenly known to be one who has BIG frame. Anyway, last September, I had mild chest pains. I thought I was having heart attack or some heart problem. I went to the doctors and had a full body check up. Complete with the X-ray and stress test. I had to wait for a couple of days for the results. That was when I decided to start doing exercise. And my last ciggaratte was on the 18th September. (I remember the date because my last ciggarate was with my lunch date my friend Ida (who is also in my team in this business now) :) That week was when I decided to start on a healthy regime. Even when the results came out normal and clear from anything I was afraid off, I kept my word. I was doing 20 minutes a day exercise (I started with going up and down the stairs 20 times --> 360 steps). I then moved to 20 minutes at the gym at lunch time to run on the treadmill. Then I moved on to 3km in 20 minutes. Over the months, I was doing 4km in 34 minutes and then 5 km in 42 minutes.But all the exercise would make me feel like I'm about to collapse and *pengsan. And if I did a 5 km, I would not exercise the next day. I would be far too tired. 2 weeks ago, I did 5 km NON STOP. And I could do 5 km straight for 2 days. This week, I could do 40 minutes exercise, and then afterwards climbing up and down the stairs of a total 1800 stairs(!) And the best part is, I was just panting, nothing major like the collapse feeling... Try it... its made of all natural blend from Grape seed, orange fruit and brocolli extract for the night vitamin, and Cordyceps Mushroom, Promogranate Fruit extract and Ginseng Root extract. It's a product that target aging at its source, helps you feel more vibrant, helps you increase workout stamina by 60%(!)...I also like the fact that it detoxify and purify your body at the cellular level.. You will have your own story to tell. And once you do, you will be able to build your business in this too...

The Science bit

It's way easier for me to share this video instead of trying to put it in words. Since it was already featured in Discovery Channel, what more evidence of "it's all in the science" would one want? Featured in Discovery Channel

Thursday, July 4, 2013

My frown Lines...

I took the photos simply to see if there were to be any difference for me when I started taking and using the products. I didnt realise it at first, but when my work mates said I "look different", I went through the photos to find if there were any visible differences. One of the most protruding evidence for me were my frown lines. 3 days after starting with the products 10 days after using the products 17 days after using the products 18 days after using the products (but with makeup)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How it started

Last year, when my best friend asked me to join her, I didnt. I should have, but lets not cry over spilled mild. This year, I decided to do it. I did think thouroughly about it. I didnt want to put my foot into something I didnt know where it would lead to. I was never a risk taker. (this coming from a girl who used to drive her swift sports in Sepang International circuit). As a typical engineer, I did my research. I wanted to know if this can be done. Internet is wonderful these days....Obviously, there are good and bad information. Those you really need to read and evaluate... Here's a few of what I mean... Can we make money from MLM What's wrong with MLM To good to be true? Problem with MLM Interesting One Read with open mind And finally... Hanis's Blog To be honest, I was "introduced" to this lady by a friend. The friend asked me to follow this lady in instagram. Because she has A WHOLE LOAD of chanel handbags that my friends wanted me to see if they were genuine. Not that I'm a smart arse in branded bags, but I do know bits and bobs on how to spot a fake. So i did. And I was amazed at HOW SUCESSFUL she is. I even messaged her to get an appoinment with her to understand what it is she was doing to become so successful. But, she was too busy. And I didnt know her at all. So with all the research that I did, one of the most important thing you should have is, TRUST. Your upline HAS to be good. He/She HAS to be already sucessful. It motivates you to get to their level. When I asked my best friend how much she has made, the number made me fly to the moon. She could be exegerating, but exegeration normally comes in 30% marked up. Minus the number with 30%, im still happy. Actually, even if I had to minus 50%, I'm still happy with it. Have a look at this Top 25 before you decide on your venture into the MLM world. No regrets.... :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

People notice!

I haven't seen my friend for a while, recently I posted my photos on facebook. She then messaged me in our work chat: - So ya, its one of the nice things you hear and then by sharing the information with her, it will build your business too!

The Why...

I was approached by my best friend from school a year ago and when I first heard her present the technology to me, I was impressed, but I wasnt quite convinced. So off home I went and spoke to my sister about it. My sister is a local celebrity here, and she is one of the people I trust when it comes to beauty regime and products. The first thing she said was, "dont buy it, I have a set for you. Use it, I'll give it to you for a pandora Bracelet" So i did. :) And I absolutely loved it. After using the products and spa for a month, my relatives saw the difference immediately. My skin used to be dull and patchy. I became brighter, and my cheeks were firmer. (this is so important for a person that have past 30!) And when it was time to replenish, I was devastated. I thought the products must be a bit on the steep side. So I'd rather wait and see once I get my bonus. And so I went off to buy back the counter brand Biotherm. Just 2 months ago, my best friend asked me out for lunch to just catch up. I havent really seen her in a while, so I decided to take the afternoon off and have a long lunch. When I saw her, I was amazed at how young she looked. There was a tad of jealousy there, simply because in school, I was the "pretty" one. hahahaha So anyway, after our date, I asked her where does she go for facial and what have she been doing to keep her skin so fresh and glowy. She simply said "you know my secret babe. I have not visited the facial spa for more than a year now" And it just hit me. I have to atleast give it a try. So I ordered the replenishment spa gels from her, replenishment of facial products and I thought to myself, why dont I try and get into the business as well, since I am already using the products. And upon paying for the replenishments, I realised, it is actually about the same price as what I have been using. So its not as expensive as I thought it would be. *Ofcourse most that reads this will say "ah its because she's in denial, she already bought it, ofcourse she would find these type of excuses to make sure she doesnt feel she's got herself into something she shouldn't have" Well, to find out, stay tuned for more of my posts. And soon, you will see the team's posts too. :) Yes, its only been 3 weeks, but I have gotten myself a team :)