Sunday, April 20, 2014

Solving your wrinkles problem...

As we age, other than thinking about being healthy, most will always think about aging gracefully. Yes, money "buys" beauty. But one doesnt have to pay extortionate amount of $$ to get needles stuck in your face to get rid of the happy lines or thinking frowns :)

What are the celebrities doing?

More and more celebrities are staying off the needles.

The galvanic spa works wonders for your face. There are plenty of testimonies online which you can refer to as well. I personally love the spa. And I'm not just saying that because I bought it, infact, I didnt. It was given to me by my celebrity sister :)

I also found this article online. The Hollywood Celebs are using it too!


If you are one that does not really have time for facials, over 30, want to get rid of the "thinking lines", this device would be perfect for you.

Ofcourse it will be nice to have someone spa-ing your face for you, but if you're like me, prefer to do it yourself due to time constraints, once you've tried it, you wont regret it! :)



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Exclusive Health Event

The team will be having an exclusive health event this coming saturday. Seats are limited. If anyone is interested, please email your details so you can have your own private invitation. All invites includes a plus 1.


Friday, April 4, 2014

In the newspapers..

                                                               If it works, share it.....
The tri-phase white system is my current use after I've completed my "reset" (3 cycles) of Ageloc products. I have no complains with the tri-Phase. I love it just as much as the Ageloc. I beleive the Ageloc sets have done its job reseting my skin and since it has done its job well, the tri-phase just maintains my skin and minimise the activation and expression of pigmentations.

Love it!

And the more I use it, the more I make money. The process is simple. You use, you glow, you show, you are a walking advertisement. People ask, you share, people try, they share. More people try it, more people talk about it.

Since the technology is proven, and we have scientist to back all our products and guarantee satisfaction, RESULTS are seen. People WILL ask. People WILL spread the good word.

Thats how things are "advertise" nowdays.

And the best thing about this is, when you make a person happy, YOU will end up being happy.

And ofcourse when the income kicks in, you will be smiling to the bank :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Financial Freedom...

I was reading an article in the internet today about how this lady was struggling to keep her debt payments. Atleast 70% of us have been there, have gone through that. The hardship of trying to keep up with the society, trying to fit in, and simply trying to survive.

I'm not saying I blame the sky rocket prices. I'm not blaming the lack of education when it comes to how to spend your money. I dont blame the banks that throw their credit cards at you the minute you graduate and starts your first job.

Yes, I blame self control. I blame parents, not educating kids at a young age to start understanding the concept of earning, spending, borrowing, loaning,  returning money.

True, I was there. True, I suffered, TWICE. Two cycles of credit card and personal loans I went through. WHY TWO?

The first cycle was when I graduated, I got 8 credit cards "given" to me, I paid them off with my personal loans.

I was happy I paid them off, that I was again "given" a few credit cards, but this time I did not sign off for 8, I took 2 instead. BUT, i still maxed them out. I also had my personal loans from before, which I then changed my maxed out Credit cards to personal loans and in the end, I told myself. I give up. Just black list me. Just stop calling me every month to remind me of the minimum payments!

That's when I decided, I need to change. Change what? Change jobs to earn more money? But the job I am in now is paying the right scale of salary. Plus, it is an MNC, the benefits are unbeatable.

Change the way I spend?Ok, but what about the current outstanding I am suffering from now?

I tried a few things. I blogged, and get paid for it. I sold some of my things. I helped my sister with setting up her online clothing business. I get paid with setting up blogs. I did telemarketing part time. I did data entry part time.

And now, after about 1 year being in the circle of entreprenuership, I have no regrets. I would recommend anyone who has the motivation to want to change their lifestyle, or simply pay off their outstanding debts. To move on to financial Freedom.

You can too....

Want to know how? Contact us (at the emails in this blog) or call us...


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Urut ladies please contact us

We are looking for professional urut ladies (or those who manage urut ladies) to collaborate with us on After birth urut, slimming urut, relaxing urut or fixing urat urut.

We have an approved technology which works wonders and can be used with traditional uruts to benefit you.

Please contac us at 012-5129211 to work together.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Collaboration with DNA

Watch this space... we are collaborating with Dynas owner of DNA.
You can too... Expand your entreprenuer skills. Catch the wave. Dont miss out in making your dreams come true...


In the news..

Our Scientist, Prof Joseph Chang was in the papers last week for the new Ageloc Weight Management product which would be launched this year.

Remember, we are NOT looking for Sales people. We are looking for dynamic entreprenuers that would spearhead the technology.

Do you just want to make a living or would you prefer to build your retirement plan?


Feel free to contact us to catch the wave.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Surface or Genetics?

When you buy a product, you not only choose it because of its brand, packaging or price. You also need to see if it works. How would you know if it works, if you haven't tried? Through word of mouth? Through advertisements? 
If your friend swears by a product, would you take her word 100%? I'm not saying friends lie, but lets face the facts here. 
Almost all the products out there are topical/surface level where it targets to: "corrective" (it helps to correct your skin problems on surface level), hides (hides your skin problems) and acts as a 'top up' (for example, the collagen drinks that you take, does not actually help your body to reproduce collagen, it just brings your collagen levels back up, which means once you stop taking it, the level drops. Which also mean that you will have to take it forever) 
Collagen is classified as part of our body's connective tissue. Connective tissue is found virtually everywhere in the body. Our bones and skin are composed primarily from connective tissue, but it's found everywhere, in virtually all of our organs. It's the job of connective tissue to hold things together, to protect other tissue, and provide our body with support.

<click to read what a Cosmetic Medicine (MD) said about Collagen>

So how do you know which products works for you? Simple. Pick a product which is not hiding your problems. Pick one that is targeting and correcting your problems at its source. Chose a product that is doing it at the genetics level. 

Gene expression can be influenced through lifestyle choices as well as nutrition. Our scientist have understood how youth gene clusters influence aging. We are able to develop products that support the healthy expression of these YGCs to help us feel more like we did when we were younger. 
So, instead of hiding and topping up, it actually  identify, target, and reset a specific Youth Gene Clusters related to vitality.

That's why we were featured on Discovery Channel! :)