Monday, March 24, 2014

Financial Freedom...

I was reading an article in the internet today about how this lady was struggling to keep her debt payments. Atleast 70% of us have been there, have gone through that. The hardship of trying to keep up with the society, trying to fit in, and simply trying to survive.

I'm not saying I blame the sky rocket prices. I'm not blaming the lack of education when it comes to how to spend your money. I dont blame the banks that throw their credit cards at you the minute you graduate and starts your first job.

Yes, I blame self control. I blame parents, not educating kids at a young age to start understanding the concept of earning, spending, borrowing, loaning,  returning money.

True, I was there. True, I suffered, TWICE. Two cycles of credit card and personal loans I went through. WHY TWO?

The first cycle was when I graduated, I got 8 credit cards "given" to me, I paid them off with my personal loans.

I was happy I paid them off, that I was again "given" a few credit cards, but this time I did not sign off for 8, I took 2 instead. BUT, i still maxed them out. I also had my personal loans from before, which I then changed my maxed out Credit cards to personal loans and in the end, I told myself. I give up. Just black list me. Just stop calling me every month to remind me of the minimum payments!

That's when I decided, I need to change. Change what? Change jobs to earn more money? But the job I am in now is paying the right scale of salary. Plus, it is an MNC, the benefits are unbeatable.

Change the way I spend?Ok, but what about the current outstanding I am suffering from now?

I tried a few things. I blogged, and get paid for it. I sold some of my things. I helped my sister with setting up her online clothing business. I get paid with setting up blogs. I did telemarketing part time. I did data entry part time.

And now, after about 1 year being in the circle of entreprenuership, I have no regrets. I would recommend anyone who has the motivation to want to change their lifestyle, or simply pay off their outstanding debts. To move on to financial Freedom.

You can too....

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