Thursday, December 26, 2013

Getting Married?

This morning's article in the papers which I could personally relate to is worth sharing here....
Debt starting a Marriage

When I wanted to start a new chapter in 2005, I too, was in the same boat. There were things that needed to be purchase ie items for the dulangs, the wedding dresses, the ring, the make up artist, the food, the tent, the wedding planner, the flowers etc..

I graduated in 2001. I was basically still paying off my university fees up to 2003. I started up a small savings fund afterwards which only helped a little with the wedding. I had to use my Amex and credit cards to buy the wedding stuff.

So, this was 8 years ago... I am quite sure that all costs have doubled since(!).

What would one need to do to successfully not start a marriage with debts? 2 full time jobs? Open up a burger stall? Sell things online?

Its all about business, isnt it? Venturing into something that would make you live your life comfortably. One that would make you have the financial support you need and to fall back on. Perhaps even make you one of the yearly millionaires?

Yes, seriously. I have been following the Glam-preneurs. They have proven that Malaysian Women do have what it takes to earn an average of 30K monthly (on the side(!))

I have been reading on Ramit Sethi, how HE made it big with just a small investment in money, but big investment in blogging/time.

Yes, it can be done. I am glad I did it. I wished I did it MUCH earlier, but thankfully, nothing is too late...

Contact us. Leave us your email add and I will get in touch with you.

You can have your glamorous wedding without having to take a loan!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Market Share prices

Before you invest in a company, you would want to know how the company is doing, the background of the company, whether the company will be making YOU money or not or whether you will be able to sustain yourself in that company.

When you have your facts, you study, you decide. And once you're sure and decided, you watch it grow and you do the things you've always wanted to do ie shopping, invest more, go on holiday and SHARE it with your friends...

There are people who chose not to share. Perhaps because they are afraid others will do the same and be wealthier, more successful, more entrepreneur than them. Is that really wise? Or perhaps they are afraid that it might put them in a position where people "run" away from them.

But, seriously, if you have your facts right, if the numbers are proven and you yourself have seen the monthly payment to your bank account, WHY would you bother about those people who judge way before they understand the business? right?

From 52 week low of USD $32.28 to 52 week high of USD$138.81...
*52 week low/high prices that a stock has traded at during the previous year. Traders and investors view the 52 week high/low as an important factor in determining a stocks current value predicting future price movement.

Now how much money do you think one can make if the share price was from $32 (USD) increased to $138 (USD) in one year?

So before you decide if "MLM" is a business you DONT want to venture in, read up, get your facts right, learn about the "before" and "now" of a company.

You will then have the last laugh. :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Get Rid of you Wrinkles cheap....

I saw this advert on the internet today. RM300 for anti-wrinkle Injection and treatment for ONE area.

Perhaps to some, RM300 is not expensive. But for people like me, who is a full time working mom who is also looking for other options for side income, RM300 is quite a bit for an injection and one area treatment.

Yes, being flawless is a "must" now-a-days. Yes, having the smoothm fair and healthy skin is what most people (not women, but people) desire for in this era.

And yes, I would prefer NOT to inject it into my body. If there was a safer, less painful and more cost effective way, wouldnt you want to know it?

Infact, each spa treatment, which you can do anywhere (!), at home, in the office (for those who comes and goes when the lights are out) or at the gym. All it takes is 10 minutes.
And cost per session? About RM15 for the gels. The device you can use forever (provided you dont let your dog chew on it or your toddler tosses it in the fish tank).

The BEST thing about it, is that the device can be used not only on your face. It can be used at tummy for post pregnancy (or other reasons that caused your tummy to bloat), arms, thighs etc...

Call us to find out more or to make an appoinment to see your wrinkles dissapear!