Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back to teenage Menses

Before you proceed to read this, let me first warn you that this might be a bit too disgusting (for those who do not like to talk, think, go through) menses. During the School and college/university days, my mensus were always very painful, heavy, irritating and I dread to get it. I used to call it the same term everyone calls it (in school it was grandma's in town) and in University it was (the Red's are playing at home).For the whole 8 days(!), I would not be myself, and I sleep with double layer protection (ie, I will wear my bikini shorts over my knickers) and then my pyjamas and I will have to put a layer of protection on the bed (as the bedsheets have turn red a couple of times). I guess I have always had a lot of blood. Even after I gave birth, the my menses cycle started almost immediately (after the 2 months confinement), even though I was fully breastfeeding until my baby was 10 months old). Info on period during breastfeeding As I 'aged' (ie if I remember correctly, since I touched 26), my menses were not as painful or as heavy. The headaches were a lot worse though. But I didnt complain, as the number of days I would be having it were down to 5 days and I did not have to wear my bikini shorts to sleep. As I am writing this, it is actually my first cycle since I took the vitamins. And it's good and bad. The good thing is, the anti aging theory is proven for me. I got my menses full on heavy, complete with the cramps and the bedsheet did turn red for 2 nights. I have forgotten how irritating it was, but I remember how happy I was to actually have it 'out'. Since I am writing this only on the 3rd day, it's not safe (yet) for me to say that it's exactly like how it was before i "aged". But...we shall see... I now have a new term for it..I will be calling it 'Teenage menses' if I have it for 8 days (like before).

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The scientist...

It's all about the science,it always is with me... Sometimes my sister thinks I'm such a boring person to talk to. More like a confused child. :) Anyway, as mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I did my research before going into this... And I like what I read... Today, it's about him. Article below was gotten from one of the websites which shared about him when he wrote "The aging myth", a NY best seller. Joseph Chang, Ph.D., has published numerous peer-reviewed articles, reviews and books on pharmacological and nutritional research during his 18 years in the healthcare industry. He co-edited a textbook on inflammation and developed a series of monographs on botanical products to serve as a source of information for consumers and health professionals. From 1981 to 2006, Dr. Chang s dynamic career path included working for major pharmaceutical companies conducting groundbreaking research and developing therapeutic drugs for several life threatening diseases. During this time, he became convinced that focusing on nutrition and optimal supplementation could benefit the lives of more people. Dr. Chang attended Portsmouth University in England, and earned his doctorate in pharmacology at the University of London. He completed his post-doctoral fellowship at The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Stamina Story

I was an active person growing up. Even after I got married, I was still doing adults ballet and jazz. But, I was never, I repeat, Never, a gym person or one that would make sure to get enough exercise weekly for the benefit of ones heart. I just went for the dance classes to dance and would jump for any challenge given by the office for fun.
Anyhow, 4 years ago, after I delivered my baby, I was trying from Atkins diet to starving myself. Nothing really worked. I was told that our body simply changes. From a small framed person, I am suddenly known to be one who has BIG frame. Anyway, last September, I had mild chest pains. I thought I was having heart attack or some heart problem. I went to the doctors and had a full body check up. Complete with the X-ray and stress test. I had to wait for a couple of days for the results. That was when I decided to start doing exercise. And my last ciggaratte was on the 18th September. (I remember the date because my last ciggarate was with my lunch date my friend Ida (who is also in my team in this business now) :) That week was when I decided to start on a healthy regime. Even when the results came out normal and clear from anything I was afraid off, I kept my word. I was doing 20 minutes a day exercise (I started with going up and down the stairs 20 times --> 360 steps). I then moved to 20 minutes at the gym at lunch time to run on the treadmill. Then I moved on to 3km in 20 minutes. Over the months, I was doing 4km in 34 minutes and then 5 km in 42 minutes.But all the exercise would make me feel like I'm about to collapse and *pengsan. And if I did a 5 km, I would not exercise the next day. I would be far too tired. 2 weeks ago, I did 5 km NON STOP. And I could do 5 km straight for 2 days. This week, I could do 40 minutes exercise, and then afterwards climbing up and down the stairs of a total 1800 stairs(!) And the best part is, I was just panting, nothing major like the collapse feeling... Try it... its made of all natural blend from Grape seed, orange fruit and brocolli extract for the night vitamin, and Cordyceps Mushroom, Promogranate Fruit extract and Ginseng Root extract. It's a product that target aging at its source, helps you feel more vibrant, helps you increase workout stamina by 60%(!)...I also like the fact that it detoxify and purify your body at the cellular level.. You will have your own story to tell. And once you do, you will be able to build your business in this too...

The Science bit

It's way easier for me to share this video instead of trying to put it in words. Since it was already featured in Discovery Channel, what more evidence of "it's all in the science" would one want? Featured in Discovery Channel

Thursday, July 4, 2013

My frown Lines...

I took the photos simply to see if there were to be any difference for me when I started taking and using the products. I didnt realise it at first, but when my work mates said I "look different", I went through the photos to find if there were any visible differences. One of the most protruding evidence for me were my frown lines. 3 days after starting with the products 10 days after using the products 17 days after using the products 18 days after using the products (but with makeup)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How it started

Last year, when my best friend asked me to join her, I didnt. I should have, but lets not cry over spilled mild. This year, I decided to do it. I did think thouroughly about it. I didnt want to put my foot into something I didnt know where it would lead to. I was never a risk taker. (this coming from a girl who used to drive her swift sports in Sepang International circuit). As a typical engineer, I did my research. I wanted to know if this can be done. Internet is wonderful these days....Obviously, there are good and bad information. Those you really need to read and evaluate... Here's a few of what I mean... Can we make money from MLM What's wrong with MLM To good to be true? Problem with MLM Interesting One Read with open mind And finally... Hanis's Blog To be honest, I was "introduced" to this lady by a friend. The friend asked me to follow this lady in instagram. Because she has A WHOLE LOAD of chanel handbags that my friends wanted me to see if they were genuine. Not that I'm a smart arse in branded bags, but I do know bits and bobs on how to spot a fake. So i did. And I was amazed at HOW SUCESSFUL she is. I even messaged her to get an appoinment with her to understand what it is she was doing to become so successful. But, she was too busy. And I didnt know her at all. So with all the research that I did, one of the most important thing you should have is, TRUST. Your upline HAS to be good. He/She HAS to be already sucessful. It motivates you to get to their level. When I asked my best friend how much she has made, the number made me fly to the moon. She could be exegerating, but exegeration normally comes in 30% marked up. Minus the number with 30%, im still happy. Actually, even if I had to minus 50%, I'm still happy with it. Have a look at this Top 25 before you decide on your venture into the MLM world. No regrets.... :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

People notice!

I haven't seen my friend for a while, recently I posted my photos on facebook. She then messaged me in our work chat: - So ya, its one of the nice things you hear and then by sharing the information with her, it will build your business too!

The Why...

I was approached by my best friend from school a year ago and when I first heard her present the technology to me, I was impressed, but I wasnt quite convinced. So off home I went and spoke to my sister about it. My sister is a local celebrity here, and she is one of the people I trust when it comes to beauty regime and products. The first thing she said was, "dont buy it, I have a set for you. Use it, I'll give it to you for a pandora Bracelet" So i did. :) And I absolutely loved it. After using the products and spa for a month, my relatives saw the difference immediately. My skin used to be dull and patchy. I became brighter, and my cheeks were firmer. (this is so important for a person that have past 30!) And when it was time to replenish, I was devastated. I thought the products must be a bit on the steep side. So I'd rather wait and see once I get my bonus. And so I went off to buy back the counter brand Biotherm. Just 2 months ago, my best friend asked me out for lunch to just catch up. I havent really seen her in a while, so I decided to take the afternoon off and have a long lunch. When I saw her, I was amazed at how young she looked. There was a tad of jealousy there, simply because in school, I was the "pretty" one. hahahaha So anyway, after our date, I asked her where does she go for facial and what have she been doing to keep her skin so fresh and glowy. She simply said "you know my secret babe. I have not visited the facial spa for more than a year now" And it just hit me. I have to atleast give it a try. So I ordered the replenishment spa gels from her, replenishment of facial products and I thought to myself, why dont I try and get into the business as well, since I am already using the products. And upon paying for the replenishments, I realised, it is actually about the same price as what I have been using. So its not as expensive as I thought it would be. *Ofcourse most that reads this will say "ah its because she's in denial, she already bought it, ofcourse she would find these type of excuses to make sure she doesnt feel she's got herself into something she shouldn't have" Well, to find out, stay tuned for more of my posts. And soon, you will see the team's posts too. :) Yes, its only been 3 weeks, but I have gotten myself a team :)