Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1 out of 25 Unusual Ways To Make Quick Money by daily Finance

Was browsing the net for my research on what people are looking for prior to starting their own business.
And this interesting article is not to be missed.
Start Your Own Part-Time Business From Home
Married couple, Jacob and Susan D'Aniello, began their own pooper scooper business. Their small start from working out of their home turned into a multi-million dollar franchise called 'doody calls'  In the beginning, it was just them, a bag, a little shovel... They started the business when they were dating and basically fell in love over canine feces, and while the business became complicated, in the beginning, it only involved a little time, some exercise and then collecting the fee a short time later.

If you're skilled with computers, you could set out a shingle and become a part-time computer repair-person. If you know how to cook, you could start to run a catering business out of your home (but check with your state; preparing food for the public out of your own kitchen can sometimes run afoul of the law).

If you want to get some quick cash, certainly there are limitations to what sort of business you can begin. If you need a lot of inventory, you're going to have to spend money to make your money. But if you're going to do something that takes your skill, talent or knowledge, you can bring in cash quite quickly. No matter what, though, provided you enjoy what you're doing, if you do start a busienss,whether you're successful or not, it's always rewarding.

So if you think you have what it takes to build a business, contact us.

If  you are a go getter,  you are hungry for winning and you want to help people while doing the business, contact us.


Is there a quick and easy way to make money?

Most people now dream of having the lifestyle of a rich and some famous. Most people would also want to get it done quick and easy. Is there really a quick and easy way? In my opinion, if it's quick, it is NEVER easy. If it is easy, it does take a tad longer.

In this business, you can make quick money, but you need to work at it. Nothing comes from the sky. The harder you work, the quicker it is. For example, my dear friend, Dolly, she made "her big bucks" in 4 months.

As for me, I am in a bit more pain. I am a full time working mother, who only has time in between my lunches and dinner. Yes, I have my weekends. But on saying that, it is "easier" for me, mostly thanks to Dolly and the team. But yes, it will take me much longer to make my "big bucks". I'm not saying I dont make any, I have recovered what ever I invested in one month.

It really depends how much you want to make and how quick you want it, using that 'formula', it will determine how much effort you need to put in.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Motivational quotes

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

~ Jim Rohn

Another one that is a good one for me

"By Selling, you make a living. By building, you make a fortune"