Sunday, September 15, 2013

When I was growing up, people use to say that my sister has the good genes and I have...well, the not so good one. Yes, my relatives can be super direct at times. My sister, Dynas Mokhtar, have always been the pretty one, but I realised later in life NOT because she has the better genes, but its because she have always took good care of herself. Since younger, she washes her face before bedtime (which I only started when I was in University), she loves knowing the techniques of wearing make up (which I only started learning last year(!)), she liked experimenting facial places (with mom) and I used to kick a fuss about having to follow them and have ALWAYS tried to find excuses of why I won't follow them. So onviously, the hormone changes from 12 to 17 was uncontrollable, was ignored and was covered up. I had breakouts on my forehead and a blackhead party was going on for years on my nose. It was when Dynas said, Kak Yang, why dont you just try this? It is not difficult. The spa takes less than 5 minutes. How does it work? The galvanic Spa needs 2 polarised face gels. 1- Pre-Treat Facial Gel (-ve charge) and 2- Treatment Facial Gel (+ve charge) with ageLOC. With the pre treat gel (-ve charge), both the Pre-Treat Gel and the Galvanic Instrument are negatively charged(this is done with settings on galvanic spa) . Negative charges repel each other, the negative charge of the Galvanic Instrument repels or pushes the Pre-Treat Gel onto the skin. This Gel contains ingredients that soothe, calm, and purify the skin. The purifying ingredients bind with impurities in the skin causing them to have a negative charge. Then, moving on to the 2nd gel ie the treatment gel (+ve charge), both the Treatment Gel and the Galvanic Instrument are positively charged(this is done with settings on galvanic spa). These positive charges repel each other, helping deliver the Treatment Gel onto the skin. The Treatment Gel contains ingredients, including the proprietary ageLOC blend, that help to slow free radical production in the epidermis, help skin recover from stress, and promote cellular energy. The positively charged Galvanic Instrument also attracts the remaining negatively charged impurities from the Pre-Treat cycle, drawing them out of the skin to give you a fresher, more vibrant look. The charges interact in a similar way with the active ingredients in all Galvanic Spa compatible products. The mist/face spray (picture above) is not only used during this spa process, but I actually use it for my 'now' (daily) regime as a toner. The first thing I put on my face after cleansing (Ageloc cleanser was my regime for 2 months). After my face have "reset", I can already go back to other facial cleansers. Thats the beauty of Ageloc. It resets to your 'before' aging stage. Stay tuned for the next update.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cleansing Lotion and NaPcA Moisturizer

My sister, Dynas Mokhtar introduced me to these products. When she passed me the 'small gift' (it came in a not so small box (16" X 11"). In it, there were a set of skin care products (cleansing lotion, toner, moisturizer, true line corrector (for wrinkles) and a spa set with 2 boxes of face gel) (in earlier post) I find that the moisturizer is very good for morning use, but not enough for evening (after full on make up) to wash off the makeup gracefully. (But I found another cleanser for this which I will post later). The toner does not have the 'after smell' which I really love. It doesnt leave my face tingling (which is probably better for my skin. Not sure if the tingling sensation is good or bad, but I dont normally like it). And the moisturizer, I totally love it. It leaves my skin "bouncy". (not sure if you can imagine what I'm trying to say) but basically, after about 2 weeks of using it, when I pinch my cheeks and let it go, it 'bounces' and not just 'drop'. There are more product reviews to come from not just me, but the team... Tune in.... And, thank you dearest sister, Dynas. i thank her almost daily for making me find the right products which works for me and I'm 'getting paid' by using it and talking about it. :)